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We love to develop software which makes the complex simple and helps you to concentrate on your work. Software that frees companies from the pressure to offer more for less. Thus, we offer Freiraum for development, growth and long-lasting success and of course life itself. With our innovative cloud software and system integration, we are the leading provider of shipping since 1998. Additionally, we offer coaching and products for the complete supply chain.

We believe in the power of small, agile, software-development and are using technologies which will offer a long-lasting solution. Furthermore, our technologies can easily be integrated into other systems. To improve communication, to make data more easily shareable for all involved parties, to reach a better overview and more security. How may we help you? Just contact us – we will find a long-lasting solution.

the official release of the commercial internet
of industrial companies will digitise their supply chain until 2020
more productivity in Germany through digitalisation until 2020
additional jobs through digitalisation in the German industry until 2025

Quellen: 2015-2016 PwC, 2016 INSM


We connect companies worldwide with cloud, software and integration solutions. With our solutions we are automating and standardizing the data exchange between all parties. Logistic processes become easier, faster and more effective. That means more space for growth and sustaining success.


Our Fleettracker service offers a standardized, web-based
schedule management system, which can be used by
all authorized users like suppliers, agents, brokers,
affiliates and of course your employees. All schedule
information like ETA, ETD and agent data are
delivered in a clear layout. Every participant
will be automatically informed about changes in the
schedule. Thus, you will have more time and
energy for more relevant work.

Fleettracker Website


The voyage estimation software Charter.Works by Herberg Systems
offers a web-based and mobile-friendly chartering management system.
For more time and a better overview, you can do a first
voyage calculation based on your charter inquiry. Furthermore,
it is possible to classify the emails based on different attributes
within the web service.You can easily view the status of the
order and its correspondence so that you can always
keep track of the information. Therefore, Chater.Works
offers a fast and clear exchange of information.

Charter.Works Website

About Cargo

 With About Cargo, you know any time when the liners
and their cargo arrive at import and export ports.
All ships of the container liners are joined in one
system – no need for time-consuming research, E-Mails, and calls.
Every participant of the logistic chain has knowledge
about deviations from the schedule early on.
On request notifications of changes are sent via E-Mail or SMS.
Fewer mistakes, more reliability, and a better service –
you are playing it safe with the live schedule of About Cargo.

About Cargo Website

Hendrik Meyer
Harren & Partner Group of Companies

“For years we are realising exciting software projects with Herberg Systems. The team has a big treasure of experience, is working very agile and customer orientated. The Herberg Systems software solutions are of high quality, absolutely practical and perfectly tailored for the requirements of our industry. We fell understood and well advised.”

Always be up to date

Our software products are growing with the requirements of our customers and will constantly be improved. To guarantee that you will miss nothing, we will have a close contact with you and we will inform you regularly.


You want to be among the first to get to hear about a new product or to just exchange knowledge about the industry? We wish you welcome at our Herberg Horizon Events!

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You think that important details should be discussed in person? Then we will gladly come to you or invite you to our premises in Hamburg.

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