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Interview of staff

Interview of staff

11.12.2018 10:50
by Maike Mennenga
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Interview of Pinar Celik

Today I interviewed our colleague Pinar Celik about what work is like at Herberg Systems.

Hello Pinar! Since when are you working for Herberg Systems?
I started working for Herberg Systems in August of 2016.

What are your tasks?
I am the privacy officer of Herberg Systems. Furthermore, I am doing process management and work as the stand-in assistant to the CEO. Additionally, I am part of the support team.

Sounds like you are a busy person...
(Laughs) It sounds like that. But in regards to the assistant and the support role – in our company, we are helping each other a lot. So everyone is in part responsible for those jobs. Which also means, that I can ask others for help at any time – and of course they can always ask me for help.

Which aspect of your work for Herberg Systems do you enjoy the most?
My tasks are multi-faceted and you can always learn about new aspects. It is also great that every suggestion you make is considered earnestly. And of course my colleagues are really fun and you always smile when you are at work.

Freiraum is the claim of Herberg Systems and something the company wants to offer to their clients and also their employees. What means Freiraum for you?
Freiraum is for me to have the time for personal fulfillment.

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