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Good ideas by Herberg Systems

In 1998 it all started with our product Fleettracker, a fleet management tool for shipping. In the beginning, Fleettracker was one of the first maritime tracking solutions and evolved to a modular analysis and reporting tool.

Encouraged by the Fleettracker success we developed other Freiraum-creating products. For example our Cloud-Service Filebatross and the new About Cargo, a live schedule for all liners. All solutions can be used as they are, or they can be integrated into your existing systems.


Charter.Works Order Management - For more efficiency and overview in the operative business

  • The Charter.Works service offers a web-based and mobile friendly order management system which we developed for chartering manager and their daily work routine.
  • To support you in managing orders, Charter.Works provides Voyage Calculation, Route Calculation, Port Finder, Ship Details, e-mail classification and a digital, detailed map.
  • Through the online access and storage of the data in the cloud-based Charter.Works your information are available anywhere and at any time.
  • Charter.Works is a web-based tool – there is no installation time. A clear and easy-to-understand view allows you to quickly integrate the functionalities into your daily work routine.
  • For maximum data protection Charter.Works is hosted on servers in Germany.
  • More information control and more overview - with Charter.Works you are more flexible and you can react more quickly in your daily work.

Live schedule for liners – when will your cargo actually arrive?


  • With About Cargo you will know at any time worldwide, wen the liners and their cargo arrive at the import and export harbours.
  • All ships of the container liners are united in one system – you save yourself time-consuming research, calls, and E-Mails
  • All participants of the supply chain will be informed at an early stage about changes in the schedule. If wished a notification via E-Mail or SMS can be arranged.
  • By default, all data are available via a Machine To Machine interface and can easily be integrated into your own IT.
  • Fewer mistakes, more reliability, and better service – with the About Cargo Live schedule for liners are you always on the safe side.


About Cargo tracking aller Ankunftszeiten in einer topaktuellen Übersicht

Fleettracker fleet management – Tracking, reporting & analysis

  • Fleettracker is one of the leading fleet management solutions in shipping, which saves you a lot of time and money

  • You can use different Fleettracker modules as Basic (tracking), Silver (tracking & reporting) or Gold (tracking, reporting, and analysis)

  • Fleettracker enables you to have an overview of your fleet with high-quality Here-Charts at any time

  • Another part of Fleettracker is Fleettracker MRV for European CO2-reporting according to (EU) 2015/757. Additionally, Fleettracker offers worldwide reporting according to IMO DCS

  • A monthly right of termination, no minimum turnover and an unlimited number of accounts – the highest level of flexibility inclusive

  • Part of the service are individual reports and forms as well as a first class support

  • The Fleettracker software will be integrated into your existing systems on board – no additional hardware necessary

Filebatros Cloud Service – tailored for your business

  • Filebatros enables you to share and synchronize files worldwide with all participants

  • No longer complicated sharing of files via various E-Mails – just put them on Filebatros and you are done

  • We will personalize a smart Filebatros file structure for your company

  • We will set up a personal server in Germany for maximum security

  • You can also check and save your data offline – Filebatros synchronizes automatically when you are online again

  • We will ensure an individual allocation of permissions according to your wishes

  • From setting up the installation of a server to the administrative tasks, your personal contact will take care of everything

About Cargo tracking aller Ankunftszeiten in einer topaktuellen Übersicht

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