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Innovation Workshop –find your idea

In just three hours you will know which idea you can develop further

For anyone, still searching for an idea

Perhaps something is not running smoothly. Perhaps you are thinking: ‘There must be an easier way.’ Perhaps you already have specific ideas but only have a feeling that something has to change. But how do you transform an analogue business model into a digital one in order to remain competitive in future? And how do you change your perspective in order to think like a customer and not like a business? Join us and trace your thoughts and requirements and send your sense of innovation on a journey of discovery with Herberg Systems!

In an intensive three-hour long workshop we are working together with your team on a concrete business idea for your company, that you can take with you and implement immediately. Modern brainstorming methods will put your and our grey matter to work. Interdisciplinary, interactive and in a short time you will find with your team a digital solution, which will advance your company. All that, without never-ending meetings or mile-long concept papers. Rather, you will act together and win insights into your target audience. Can you hardly wait for it? Simply call us: +49 40 / 39 90 34 94.

Your Herberg Innovation workshop – this is in it for you

Accumulate numerous suggestions on your brief intellectual journey and take away specific ideas for your company at the end.

  • Intensive three-hour brainstorming workshop
  • Involving modern, structured methods
  • Ideal for up to three people
  • Expert advice and support from Jan Herberg, managing director of Herberg Systems, and other engaging professionals

And how will your idea look like after the workshop?
Herberg Prototyping


Jan Herberg
Herberg Systems Managing Director & Ihr Coach

Many of our participants are from industries, that have, as of now, nothing to do with digitalisation. At the back of their mind, they are hearing the clock ticking, but they do not know exactly, what should be improved and what would be usable for their customers. Actually: How do you even start with digitalisation? Do not worry, for us IT is only a means to an end -and if you have an idea, you are already close to your digital solution.”

From an idea to a tailored solution

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