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Process digitalization – realize your ideas

Digitally optimise your operating processes in small, efficient steps

For your individual software solution

Roll up your sleeves and get to it – with Herberg Systems as your experienced, reliable partner, with a highly qualified team and with all the passion in the world! Our agile way of working in two to four-week bursts provides you with the option to review your decisions and to set new priorities. As a product owner, you will be part of the development process. Furthermore, we will supply small efficient steps with completed results. Thus, you will get a solution that grows gradually, yet can be tested at an early stage and perhaps even applied in a few weeks.

You will receive a German-based Cloud Server that ensures that your data will stay on your platform and that your databases will stay in the EU. The users usually only need an internet connection and a browser. Our Herberg Systems support team is taking care of operations and maintenance as well as customer support. To enable an integration of our software functions for example with other in-house systems, we are using powerful interfaces (APIs). Some solutions do not need user interfaces but provide functionality exclusively through machine-to-machine interfaces on the internet. Your advantage: you can extend existing systems seamlessly with our solutions, without having to use multiple interfaces. Most importantly, your data will stay in your possession. If one day you decide to not use our software any longer, you can easily take over the database. Maybe your idea has what it takes to become a start-up – maybe what your company needs, is demanded by other companies within the industry as well. Gladly we will also accompany such processes as a development partner. Call us for further information +49 40 / 39 90 34 94!

This is how process digitalisation works with Herberg Systems


Put your idea into practice and let your Herberg Systems team program a software solution to meet your exact specifications. Perfectly tailored to your wishes and therefore perfect for your daily work routine!

  • Agile software project management tailored perfectly to you
  • Thoroughly transparent development status due to the usage of Trello-Boards and Slack
  • Monthly software releases for more freedom to be creative –as the owner of the software, you help to determine every stage
  • Every user can contribute – you decide which requests are to be taken into consideration
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Linking up and starting a Logistic Operation Platform

Sometimes you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Often it is more efficient, to fall back to already existing elements. This idea lies behind of our Logistics Operations Platform with highly functional and tested Herberg Systems modules. Easily integrate the modules via the corresponding interface (API) for your individual software solution. Your advantages: The Herberg modules are ready for use and will save you time and costs for development – independent of the logistics area.

Next stop: your tailor-made software

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