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Prototyping – make your idea tangible

What does your idea look like? How does it feel? Can it survive in the market?

For everyone whose idea should get tangible

Do you have an idea for a new software or an app? But how do you take it further without investing an unnecessary amount of money in extensive development? Ultimately, you do not want to take big risks, maybe you still need internal approval and want to see first, if your idea can work in the market. Sometimes an image or digital sketch similar to a storyboard is enough. Sometimes a simple prototype with which you can see how your software or app actually feels and how it will be received by customers and colleagues is what you need. As an experienced developer of quality software, we support you in making your idea tangible. This way, it is clear if everything has been thought through logically and what is important or could be left out.



Even before developing a software or an app you know the most important functions, usages, and appearance. Furthermore, with our prototyping, you can discuss beforehand internal expectations and perceptions. Maybe you will assert that not all good ideas have to become software. In any case with the prototyping by Herberg Systems, you will pave a way for your idea – cost efficient and fast. Simply call us: +49 40 / 39 90 34 94.

For the first impression:
your digital Herberg sketch

Make your idea visible and let your Herberg Systems team create a software prototype for you. You can then realize this digital sketch with us or someone else.

  • Software mock-up based on your idea
  • User-friendly visualization
  • Documentation of your user histories
  • Time and cost calculations for the realization process

Choose the visualization of your idea between digital sketch and Prototype.

For the right feeling:
your Herberg prototype

Make your idea tangible and find out how best to apply it. We develop a prototype for you that you can use to generate important findings that will determine your next steps.

  • Software prototype based on your idea
  • Development of the latest standards
  • Documentation of your user histories
  • Time and cost calculations for the realization process

Herman Wermes
Reederei Jüngerhans

„We have an overview of our fleet at any time with the Herberg Systems solutions. It is like a digital sedative.“

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