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Detecting ship delays

2019-06-27 14:21
by Maike Mennenga

Detecting ship delays early on – Herberg Systems publishes the smart timetable service About Cargo

Delays are unfortunately part of daily business in container shipping; detecting them late, however, is now a problem of the past. With its newest software About Cargo the Hamburg Herberg Systems GmbH offers a smart tool for everyone involved in the business of cargo shipping. The advantage of About Cargo: The system calculates the estimated arrival times of all container vessels of the globally operating container lines and alerts customers about potential delays several days in advance.

About 20 % of all cargo ships arrive at their ports delayed according to a study of the consulting firm SeaIntel. Delays of several hours are not uncommon. In order to acquire up-to-date information about the arrival time of a ship the involved parties often have to actively inquire at the shipping companies or container terminals. Obtaining information quickly can become particularly time-consuming when non-European countries are involved.

“Delays are part of the daily work routine in cargo shipping. As a freight forwarder, you spend a lot of time on the phone trying to figure out whether the container will arrive on time and if onward transport is possible. That's where About Cargo comes in – the system takes care of informing everyone involved in the supply chain of possible delays. Thanks to About Cargo, tedious phone conversations are replaced by just a few clicks online and notifications via e-mail and various messenger services”, explains Herberg System’s Sales Manager William Ludwig-Schulte.

The goal of Herberg Systems: to facilitate daily work routines. With a specially developed algorithm, About Cargo calculates whether a container ship will arrive at the destination port on time. The software detects early on where there is a need for action as a result of imminent delays. About Cargo can be used via a machine interface or as a software solution within your own internal IT.

“With About Cargo we want to provide a flexible solution that can be quickly integrated into any business. This ensures that everyday work is quickly facilitated and the flow of information is improved”, explains Jan Herberg, Managing Director of Herberg Systems.

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