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Interview of staff

2019-05-17 09:27
by Maike Mennenga

In this interview Kaan Köklü talks about his work at Herberg Systens.

Hello Kaan, thank you for taking the time for this interview! Since when are you working for Herberg Systems
I started working for Herberg Systems as Software Developer in February of 2019.

So you are only three months part of the team! What are your impressions so far?
On my first day, we had our usual Monday meeting. Thus, I got to know every one of my colleague right from the start. The working environment is great, I got a really new computer and could do the setup myself. In case of questions, I can always ask my colleagues for information. I am working with Melanie on a project, so I am mainly asking her. But she is also interrogated for her knowledge by the others, so I am not the only one.

What are your tasks?
For the most part, I work on our new product Charter.Works which we only started programming this year. So I have nearly a hand in it since the beginning.
Part of my work, besides programming, is to research new libraries and plug-ins we can use. I am also taking responsibility for time management. I check what we need to develop in which time-frame and organize our work accordingly. Since March we also have a new colleague and now I am showing him the ropes.

So you are working here for three months and you got from questioning Melanie to teaching someone new?
Yes! But there are still many things to learn!

Which aspect of working for Herberg Systems do you enjoy the most?
I am learning a lot of new things here, like technologies and my colleagues are teaching me their know-how. It feels like I am an important part of a new product even though I am only working here for such a short amount of time.

What means Freiraum for you?
Spontaneously I would say the possibility to bring in my ideas to our new product – to also make it my product.

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