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Interview of Staff

2019-10-30 14:23
by Maike Mennenga

Interview of Staff

Lennart is spending two months at Herberg Systems as part of an internship. He is a native of Belgium/ Brussels and spends now his summer in sunny Hamburg.

Hello Lennart, which job did your parents imagine for you, when you were young?
As far as I remember, they never had concrete plans. They always supported me and suspected I would do something technical.

How did that hunch pan out?
Right now, I am in the last year of my Master's program in Physics and Astronomy. I am studying in Brussels and am now in my 8th semester. You could say that Physics is something technical :D.

What happened that you are now in a Software Company in Hamburg for a two-month internship and not in the lab in Belgium? :D
I had summer vacation and the CEO of Herberg Systems Jan Herberg snapped away my free time. ;) And now I am sitting here in front of a monitor at Herberg Systems: Here, I can incorporate my knowledge from my studies in analyzing data of ships. This also fits my personal future, as I would like to work in data analyses after my studies.


So what exactly are you working on at Herberg Systems?
Every ship is recording automated data about all of its functions. With this data, I am analyzing how efficient the ships are working under specific conditions like the influence of wind and the biofouling effect. Lastly, I visualize my result to be able to better interpret and communicate them.

What part of your job is the most fun for you?
Well, the data handling :D. We get a massive amount of information about the ship and I like the challenge of analyzing and evaluating this much data. It is a journey that contains understanding the data, finding the correlations, understanding the findings and then being able to explain it to others. And of course, to have valuable findings that can be used in practice to make the performance of the ships better is the goal.

Can you incorporate your experience from your master's program in physics in your daily work?
Jein. This is German for of mix of yes and no. :D Basically I do not need my specific knowledge about physics. Although, I learned during my studies how to use statistics and how to model data. That is now very handy.

What do you enjoy most with working at Herberg Systems?
Well, generally the work environment is really relaxed. You can just go and talk with anyone about anything, and you do not have the feeling you are bothering them. And also I really love all the events we had, during my two month internship. Our CEO even felt obliged to mention, that I am really lucky and that is definitely not normal that we are having so many events in the short period of time I am here. :D But I do not mind.

Did you have any adventures in Hamburg?
Oh well. More like small ones. For example, I discovered a beach… A beach. In a big city like Hamburg. That is so funny and unexpected. :D Especially as Brussels is not a seaport so I am not used to that.
And of course, we went climbing with Herberg Systems. Being able to jump from tree to tree with your work colleagues can definitely be called an adventure =)

Sounds sporty. So, in which activity would you have an Olympic gold medal?
After my time here I would say vacuum cleaning. For our 18 years company party, my task was to clean the carpet. Trust me, Herberg Systems has a lot of carpets.

Do you have any last words?
I had a lot of fun in Hamburg and am grateful for the warm welcome of the team of Herberg Systems!

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