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Interview of Staff

2020-01-08 14:23
by Maike Mennenga

A year ago our product manager Marek Pötzsch exchanged the swaying of the ship and the engine noises with an office chair and a computer screen at Herberg Systems. Since photography is his hobby he illustrated his travels by taking a lot of pictures. For us, he opens his photo book and provides an insight into the life of a sailor.

Marek went to see as a 3rd and 2nd officer on tankers from Sloman Neptune for many years. For him many thinks are special about shipping: The wide sea represents the feeling of freedom. You get to know the world and many cultures. The Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering program he attended prepares you for many situations, to ensure that you can react quickly in any conceivable situation while on the sea. This and the family connection to shipping was crucial for Marek to also choose a career in shipping.

The dimensions of shipping are not known to most who do not deal directly with it. Without shipping and its logistics, we would be missing almost all everyday products, as 90 % of all goods are transported by ship. The smooth flow of the transportation process by ship depends on a few people. For example, only about 20 sailors work on a cargo ship. And these ships carry loads of several thousand tons.

Shipping is a huge market and an important part of global logistics. Nevertheless, the ships and also the companies and therefore shipping in general, is a very self-contained system. A ship is only surrounded by water and has no contact with our normal everyday infrastructure. Therefore, a ship has its own system which makes shipping often difficult to understand for outsiders.

No matter how self-sufficient such a colossus is, it needs help when entering the port of destination by pilot boats. They manoeuvrer the ship into the port of destination and ensure a smooth entry.

After a few years in shipping, Marek was also maneuvered back to the mainland where he particularly enjoys being close to his family. But the sea never let him go completely. For a year, he has been working with us on software for maritime logistics. He improves our products with his know-how and his practical knowledge. Although he is still connected to shipping through his work, he still sometimes misses the open sea. But not enough to leave to be surrounded by waves and engine noises again.

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