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Interview of staff

2018-12-11 10:33
by Maike Mennenga

Interview of Megan Lambin

For 60 days we welcomed Megan Lambin for an internship. Herberg Systems has a partner cooperation with Bordeaux INP ENSEIRB-MATMECA. In this cooperation, a French intern joins Herberg Systems every year. On her last day of the internship, we interviewed Megan about her experiences.

What did you like best about staying in Hamburg?
I am from Bordeaux and if you compare the cities, Hamburg is such a nice and green city. For example, you can see squirrels regularly, unlike in Bordeaux.

Why did you choose Herberg systems for an internship?
I heard from other colleagues, that Herberg Systems has a really welcoming company culture and are really helpful. In the beginning, I was afraid because I was supposed to use PHP, which I personally never worked with. But due to the support, I was able to learn and master this programming language.

What did you personally learn in these 60 days?
I got a lot of new professional experience and new skills. I am now more self-confident, as I lived in another country. Also, my English got better, as I needed to use it on a daily basis.

We thank you for your great work and wish you all the best for your future!
Thank you! I am also thanking you for welcoming me so nicely and for always being so considerate of me.

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