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Presentation about data transparacy

2018-10-17 19:46
by Contao Admin

Big crowd at the lecture on data transparency

Event in office of Herberg Systems

On March 22, 2018 invited the Bundesverband der Logistik, an open network about supply chain management in logistics, to the lecture “Shipping – the black data hole of the supply chain” on the premises of the in Hamburg located Herberg Systems

Many visitors from different industries and some well-known companies, discussed data transparency in the maritime supply chain. “We are happy about the positive feedback from different working areas and the many visitors we had”, says William Ludwig-Schulte, Sales Manager at Herberg Systems GmbH.

Doctor Kahlfuß from the BVL opened the event and explained, that there are seldom invitations by software companies within the series of lectures. The presentation by Managing Director Jan Herberg showed, that there are regular delays in shipping. These delays are, according to market researches, not communicated sufficiently to the end customer.

As a solution against the lacking transparency Herberg Systems GmbH developed a live schedule which predicts the ETA from ships. When there are deviations from the schedule, the app sends notifications to all participants of the supply chain.

The topic was discussed vividly and with great interest. Jan Herberg about the contributions: “I was very glad about the controversial and founded comments. We will incorporate this feedback into evolving our product.”

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