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Reliable transport chain

2018-10-18 19:46
by Contao Admin

New product “About Cargo” is set to make the transport chain more reliable

The Hamburg located Herberg System GmbH develops a new software which predicts the punctually of the container liner operators worldwide. The software About Cargo informs terminal operators, freight forwarders, freight owners and ship managers if the ships can adhere to the liner schedule. “We are developing a system that will make the international transport chain more reliable” explains managing director Jan Herberg. “We aim to make the product available for all bigger liner and container terminals worldwide.”
About Cargo measures on basis of positional data if the ship adheres to its time schedule. In case of delays, there are notification alerts via Slack and E-Mail. These information are especially interesting for companies whose supply-chain depends on the international maritime transport.
A study by the maritime consulting firm SeaIntel shows, that 20 % of all container vessels are delayed when arriving at the destination port. “We were immediately convinced of the importance of our idea when we discussed developing a live time schedule for shipping”, says sales manager Günter Musolf from the early days of the product. Actual up to date information on the arrival times are only available if you call ship manager or container terminals. Especially time-consuming is the acquiring of information of non-European ports. Thanks to About Cargo this process will be replaced with a few mouse clicks, notifications via E-Mail and Slack. Furthermore, all information will be available via a digital interface. Therefore, the systems can be easily integrated in other software solutions. At the moment, the project is in its testing stage by beta-users.

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