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How you can minimize your risks and increase potential with digitalization.

Our digital workshops for the maritime industry – your 4 steps to success

With us you can start your digital transformation in small, manageable steps. We have been working exclusively in shipping for over 20 years and know the language of the maritime world as well as that of bits & bytes. We understand and as ‘enablers’, we offer you our knowledge and experience to tackle digital transformation.



When it comes to taking new steps during day-to-day business, there is often a lack of time and staff to deal with the actually important things. We are at your side from the very first hour. We support you with our various building blocks, which are coordinated with each other and with which you can make progress step by step.


Step 1: Free video call – starting your digital transition

  • In this free-of-charge video call you will get to know us and our approach.
  • Let’s talk about your current challenges and find out whether and how we can help you.
  • You will get a clear picture of what the next step is and what challenge you would like to tackle.

Step 2: “Scoping” workshop – identifying the challenge

  • With our one-day on-site workshop, you start with the analysis together with us. We help you to identify the points where you want to begin and to set your priorities.
  • We concentrate specifically on your challenge no. 1. We sit down personally with your employees, listen and ask questions.
  • The result is a one- to two-page scoping analysis.

Scoping workshop
Prototype development.

Step 3: Prototype development – ​​how your solution could look like

  • You and your team work with us to develop a prototype within 4-5 days in order to learn more about a possible solution.
  • At the end of the project, you will receive a sample application (Minimal Viable Product, MVP) that your employees and even your customers can try out immediately.

Step 4: Your operational software solution for your company – step by step

  • Our agile development team will work with you and your employees to develop a tailor-made solution that you can use in the company at an early stage.
  • You reduce the investments risk and use the opportunity to react to changes in requirements immediately.
  • We rely on modern low-code platforms that allow us to build and individually expand powerful, individual solutions without much development effort.
Operational software

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