Herberg Systems: Leading provider for maritime software

Herberg Systems: Leading provider for maritime software Immediately ready to use Fleettracker, Charter.Works, and ChartDesk

Leading maritime software made for shipping companies

Herberg Systems is one of the leading maritime software providers for shipping companies. In 1998 it all started with our product Fleettracker, a fleet management tool for shipping. In the beginning, Fleettracker was one of the first maritime tracking solutions in the industry and evolved to a modular performance analysis and reporting tool. Encouraged by the success of Fleettracker we developed other Freiraum-creating products.

For example our new Charter.Works, a chartering management tool for chartering manager, which includes a distance calculator, voyage estimation and voyage management. Additionally, we offer ChartDesk, an e-mail client built for shipping companies. All solutions can be used as they are, or they can be integrated into your existing systems.

We offer leading maritime software solutions for shipping companies

Charter.Works Chartering Software – For more efficiency in the operative business

  • The Charter.Works service offers a web-based and mobile-friendly chartering software which we developed for chartering manager and their daily work routine.
  • To support you in managing orders, Charter.Works provides a distance calculator, voyage estimation, and a voyage management system.
  • Through the online access and storage of the data in the cloud-based Charter.Works your information are available anywhere and at any time.
  • Charter.Works is a web-based tool – there is no installation time. A clear and easy-to-understand view allows you to quickly integrate the functionalities into your daily work routine.
  • For maximum data protection Charter.Works is hosted on servers in Germany.
  • More information control and more overview – with Charter.Works you are more flexible and you can react more quickly in your daily work.

ChartDesk – e-mail-client for shipping companies

  • Chart Desk is a web-based and mobile-friendly e-mail client that was developed for the maritime shipping market.
  • ChartDesk is for teams that access shared inboxes. The focus is on fast and efficient processing of emails. A read-by status shows who in the team has already read the received email.
  • ChartDesk provides a quick overview of the mailbox thanks to integrated features. To help manage inboxes, the software automatically archives messages following keywords. A categorization based on #tags is also possible.
  • A special feature is the broadcast function. Distribute cargo and ship inquiries in no time by emailing a multitude of recipients with just a few clicks.
  • There are also tools such as AIS tracking, ship position parsing, a ship database, and an address book.
  • For your security, your data is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Fleettracker fleet management – Tracking, reporting & analysis

  • Fleettracker is one of the leading maritime software solutions for fleet management in shipping, which saves you a lot of time and money

  • You can use different Fleettracker modules as Basic (tracking), Silver (tracking & reporting) or Gold (tracking, reporting, and analysis)

  • Fleettracker enables you to have an overview of your fleet with high-quality Here-Charts at any time

  • Another part of Fleettracker is Fleettracker MRV for European CO2-reporting according to (EU) 2015/757. Additionally, Fleettracker offers worldwide reporting according to IMO DCS

  • A monthly right of termination, no minimum turnover and an unlimited number of accounts – the highest level of flexibility inclusive

  • Part of the service are individual reports and forms as well as a first class support

  • The Fleettracker software will be integrated into your existing systems on board – no additional hardware necessary

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